runs in the bottom of the 4th when Haren throws one down the middle to Kepp

Wandy doesn't look as if he is exactly caring real too much.Astros score 2 runs in the bottom of the 4th when Haren throws one down the middle to Kepp, who doubles, then Clank hits a pitch up the middle for an RBI single, then Lance hits into a perfect 5-4-3 GIDP, only the third baseman boots the ball and it's men on first and second.Then Pence picks it up for Lance and GIDP and Lee is at third.Then Blum goes to 0-2 on 3 fouls, then kind of throws the bat at a pitch replica Bvlgari Solotempo Unisex ST37SS watch outside, it goes to left for a single and Clank trots home.So at least we don't get expletive deleted shut out.

I was a bit surprised to see Phil pull him in the 7th after only 84 pitches, but then again, we WERE leading 10-1 and it IS a long season.He gave up 5 hits, 2 walks, 1 ER, NO homers, 8 K over 6.1 IP.IF you give him a shortstop who can field, he’s gonna be a REAL winner.He was the guy I thought he was gonna be when he 3 hit and shut out the replica Chopard 168997-3005 watch Cubs last year.I really think he’s a LOT better than Jennings.Brad Lidge had his second day in a row of excellence.Some despicable (%%! were booing him as he came in to relieve Chris in the 7th, but fortunately, the cheers drowned out the boos.

Well, it's time to see of we can keep hitting on the road we have an embarrassing road record of 1 10 with Roy O's win in Cincy the ONLY road win this year.Today, Brandon Backe vs John Thomson at Turner Field, a repeat of their 4 19 game, only this time at the Ted.Brandon was in the hospital because of pneumonia this weekend, and I replica Rado R20484722 Men's watch hope he's feeling well enough to pitch decently.He SEZ he is, but I saw what Lidge looked like and it wasn't good.So far this year, Brandon is 2-1 in 5 GS with 3 HR, 7 BB and 28 K in 30.1 IP with a 5.93 ERA, and has only had one bad game the 8 run blowout in St.

gives up a lot of ground balls to third as well as short

Now Roy, on the other hand, gives up a lot of ground balls to third as well as short, so he NEEDS Mo Ensberg there as well as Adam at short.I was actually surprised to see Loretta at third I thought it would be Mike Lamb, but maybe Phil is coming to his senses about the lefty righty thingy and realizing that it is not necessary to run replica Chopard 288347-3012 watch platoons with everyone.Fortunately, only one ball was hit to third and it was an easy grounder, which Loretta didn’t screw up.He also handled an easy popup.Sampson was absolutely marvelous, stupendous, outstanding, Roy-like.He can’t throw as fast, of course, and he’s not quite as quick to the plate, but that boy is GOD.

As far as I know, Lance Berkman is going to be playing in Atlanta and I still haven't heard who is getting sent down.Since it looks like they are not gonna play Chris Burke (last night, Jeff Bagwell took himself out of the lineup because of his shoulder, I guess, and Viz played at first instead of Lamb at first and Burke in LF) better they send him replica Rado R20486172 down instead of leaving him to rot on the bench like they did Jason Lane for 3 years.I don't know if they are gonna take Jason Lane out of the 5 hole and put Morgan Ensberg there instead, but at least he's hitting well with MOB, even if he does have more Ks.

I haven't heard anything about whether or not we gonna leave Willy at leadoff he has said that he HATES hitting 8th (I'll just BET he does it's probably the toughest spot to hit in front of the pitcher) and he didn't have his A game on last night.I'm just worried about having 2 OF (Berkman and Lamb) who aren't real good fielders.Burke, even if he replica Rado Integral R20339902 Ladie's watch doesn't hit as much as Lamb, is a MUCH better fielder… IF Jeff really did take himself out of the lineup because of shoulder pain, then someone else, like Lamb, needs to be playing first and Burke should be back out there in left.On the Road AgainDon't Wanna Be On The Road Again… (sorry, Willie Nelson…)

Roger gave up 4 walks the batters themselves looked surprised a few times

Roger gave up 4 walks the batters themselves looked surprised a few times and 1 IBB to Jack Wilson.From what I could see, Larry had a valid point…For the second night in a row, Chad Qualls led the Pirates to victory this time loading the bases with 2 singles and a walk with only 1 out.For the second night in a row, Brad Lidge didn't look like replica Rado R13652901 Ladie's watch and it wasn't all the ump's fault.After he came in in the 8th with bases loaded, he got the next hitter to fly out to shallow center and this time, Willy Taveras didn't get enough on the throw to nail the runner at home.Tie game.Sorry, Roger.

Brad is replica Rado R20282732 Men's watch not over that pneumonia in the 9th, he allowed TWO homers in 1 inning something he hasn't done since he came to the majors (I checked.) His ERA has gone from 0.83 to 2.92 overnight.He did give up the 3 run homer 2 weeks ago, supposedly before he was sick, so I hope that this ain't a sign that NL hitters have figgered him out…Adam Everett made a fantastic play in the 6th.Our guys don't get on BBTN unless they're Roger Clemens.I guess I should say that at LEAST we didn't get shut out, but we are STILL not doing the job with MOB, especially Jason Lane.

That and a whole lot of top draft picks.(Does anyone besides me think that Tom Hicks was an IDIOT to throw away Doug Melvin for John Hart?)And of course we got there in time to listen to the lineup announcement Hunter Pence got a big hand, but Brandon Backe, who was catching all of the kazillion first pitches, got a bigger hand.And replica Chopard 277480-1001 watch of course, there were a few grls with a sign saying Brad, You Can Catch Me ANY Time.There really IS somethin bout that boy…Anyhow, about the game Phil THIS time had the sense to leave Adam Everett at short where he belongs because Sampson gives up ground balls pretty much exclusively to short and up the middle and Loretta is worse than useless at short.

Larry Dierker complained over and over again that Larry Young

Poor Roger.Yet replica Rado R13600139 Men's watch in 7 IP.I didn't go to the game, but I did watch the replay.Larry Dierker complained over and over again that Larry Young, the HP umpire had no consistant strike zone, and from what I could see on TV, that was FER SHER true.I read recently in Baseball Musings that apparently Tony La Russa, who complains a LOT about ball strike calls, has a good deal of influence over umps in non-questec parks maybe Phil should have complained.

I know what Annie Savoy means by the Church of Baseball.And in fact, I got to see something at the baseball game I had never before seen at the Box actual genuine Brewers fans.I asked, and they said they had flown down from Milwaukee for the replica Chopard 168331-3002 watch weekend.My goodness just like Cubs fans, only with good manners (sorry wAay too many of them who come to the Box are, um, not uh, um, well, if their mamas ever taught them manners, they left them back home in Chicago.Yeh, let’s put it that way) Amazing what getting rid of Bud Selig, getting a good owner and a smart GM will do for a ball club.

He can't get the same pitches called strikes that Haren does, the ump calls a guy who was PLAINLY out as safe and he gives up another RBI single, then another single and gets a good luck out, as for some reason LaRoche, not exactly fast, tries chugging into third on a ball hit into shallow left and Clank manages to make the replica Bvlgari 101272 Ladie's watch throw into third.Then it's another single, then a fly out.This game is OVAH.Meanwhile, it's 10 pitches and Quintero, Wandy and Bourn are out.Then it's the 4th Snyder Ks, the pitcher doubles to the RF corner, Kelly Johnson grounds out, then Abreu hits a ball juuuuust inside the LF line for an RBI double.Mills comes out and Wandy is finished.


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